Thomas Edison Lab Historic Furnishings Report

DSC_0123-Edison-labHistoric Furnishings Report: Main Lab, Building 5, Addendum and Implementation Plan at Thomas Edison National Historical Park

HHM and Volz & Associates completed an addendum to the Historic Furnishings Report: Edison Laboratory, Edison National Historic Site, West Orange, New Jersey, published by the National Park Service in 1995. The report provides supplemental historical data and options for implementation for the Music Room, the Horn Display Room, and the Photographic Department, as well as options for implementation for Edison’s Private Work Space and the Precision Machine Shop. For Edison’s Private Work Space, the report presented five options for the implementation plan. The Park Service chose Option 5, which presents the room primarily as a historic furnished vignette, with restoration of the inner partition wall, fixtures, and paint finishes to their appearance during the period of interpretation from ca. 1910 to ca. 1920. All of HHM’s recommendations were based upon historical evidence, including photographs, inventories, materials from the Thomas Edison National Historical Park Archive, and previous cultural resource management reports.