Historic Furnishings

HHM historians have backgrounds in interior design history and theory, material culture, and interpretive planning. With our breadth of experience, we are able to meet client needs in ways that accurately and creatively address specific issues related to historic interiors. HHM historians are well-versed in preparing quality products to guide preservation endeavors regarding diverse types of historic interiors in this highly specialized field. In addition, HHM has a working relationship with decorative arts specialists offering additional expertise in the history, handling, curation, acquisition of historic furnishings and objects.

The following represents the services that we can provide related to historic interior preservation, rehabilitation, and planning.

  • Research and writing of historic furnishings reports and implementation plans on major sites and nationally significant properties
  • Writing of narrative components highlighting the history, use, occupancy, and significance of historic interiors
  • Guidance for furnishing and interpretation of historic interiors
  • Assessment of historic interior architecture, design, and decoration
  • Utilization of primary source materials and archival collections related to historic furnishings and decorative arts objects
  • Study and examination of historic furnishings in museum collections
  • Feasibility and use analysis of historic interiors
  • Architectural drawings of historic interior plans and elevations
  • Knowledge of American and European interiors, material culture, and art history from the 18th century through the present
  • Recommendations for interpretive strategies for the operation, security, and accessibility of historic house museums and historic interiors
  • Recommendations to enhance visitor experience of historic interiors including auditory and olfactory interpretation conventions
  • First-hand experience with operation and management of historic house museums and art museums