Comal County

comal-co-1125_7669Comal County Historic Resources Survey

HHM completed a multi-phase county-wide survey, documenting 1,125 pre-1946 resources on 301 parcels of land. HHM first completed map analysis through GIS, with appraisal district information and historic topographic maps, to determine the location of historic-age resources. In the field, for each identified historic resource, HHM recorded information on location, date of construction, property type, architectural style, and physical integrity on a survey form custom-created for the project. For resources viewed as Eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), HHM survey teams recorded additional information as required by the Texas Historical Commission. HHM recommended 34 individual resources Eligible for listing in the NRHP. Survey teams also took high-quality digital photographs capturing each resource’s salient physical characteristics, as well as landscape and contextual photographs. Taking advantage of advances in technology, during Phase II survey teams used handheld tablets for survey forms and mapping. Images were uploaded to the tablet through a Wi-Fi SD camera card and attached to the corresponding resource’s survey form while in the field, allowing for a high level of quality control and review. HHM combined the information from the second phase of the survey with the previously completed phase in a new custom-designed web-based database in order to present the client with a complete inventory of pre-1946 resources on the selected parcels of land. Resource location maps created with GIS identified all surveyed parcels of land, recommended eligible resources, as well as all historic markers in the county. In order to assess the historic significance of the surveyed resources, HHM developed a historic context that identified development patterns and trends occurring in the county. The project demonstrates HHM’s ability to manage massive amounts of survey data and use GIS and databases for the identification, documentation, and assessment of historic resources.