Cold War Architects

550_Legacy-Cold-WarA Guide To Architecture and Engineering Firms of the Cold War Era

A Guide to Architecture and Engineering Firms of the Cold War Era describes the role and makeup of key A/E firms during the Cold War. The project aims to inform evaluation of NRHP eligibility under Criterion C, the evaluation required by Sections 106 and 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act. The report provides a biographical narrative and catalog of each selected firm’s military work, demonstrating the range of commissions for custom-designed singular buildings. As a result, the project provides a necessary resource to aid NRHP evaluation efforts for Cold War era military construction.

The project focuses on custom-designed resources constructed during the Cold War period (1946–1989). The final document provides the framework for future NRHP-eligibility assessments and evaluations for significance of architect- and engineer-designed buildings on Department of Defense (DoD) installations. By highlighting and examining the roles of these firms during the Cold War, the project aids NRHP evaluations relating to Criterion C for properties that possess distinctive design/construction elements and represent the work of a prominent architect or engineer.

Overall, the intention of the project is to provide DoD with a useful tool in assessing the role of individual architectural and engineering firms during major building campaigns associated with the Cold War.