Bankhead Highway

0073_1380125989_cropThe Development of Highways
in Texas: A Historic Context
of the Bankhead Highway and
Other Historic Named Highways

As the inaugural project of the Texas Historic Roads and Highway Program, HHM conducted research and prepared a statewide historic context of highways in Texas, along with a discussion of the evolution of five of Texas’ earliest named highways. The project focused especially on the Bankhead Highway, which was the first transcontinental highway in the United States, traversing the full breadth of Texas from Texarkana to El Paso. After completing the draft historic context, HHM’s teams of professional historians and architectural historians traveled across the state along the Bankhead Highway documenting historic buildings and structures associated with the highway. Survey teams followed the five known alignments of the historic highway: a 1922 route based on the T. A. Dunn Tourist Guide; a 1923 route based on a Rand McNally Auto Trails Map; and routes from ca. 1930–1934, 1936–1940 and 1961 following the various historic alignments of US 67 and US 80 based on Texas Highway Department maps. In addition to completing the historic context and survey work, the team of historians and architectural historians prepared a public involvement plan and conducted 10 public meetings in communities along the route.

Information about the project, including meeting dates, can be found in this section of the Texas Historical Commission’s website: